Managed Data Platform

Excel data science driven innovations

The large lottery sought a method to quickly and securely create data science labs to perform data science experiments on real data. Rubicon advised the client to use its Managed Data Platform on the AWS Cloud. The platform ensures an enterprise ready, elastic and secure platform for the client to perform its data developments.

The Challenge: easily create and perform data science experiments without interrupting ongoing business

The customer wanted an environment where it could quickly setup multiple data environments to do different experiments and proof of concepts on different data science platforms. The environment had to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Easy to perform repeatable Proof of Concept (PoC) trials & experiments.
  • The platform should make it easy to elevate a PoC to a managed production environment with little effort.
  • Secure access to the environments for both administrators, developers and data scientists using unmanaged devices (BYOD).
  • Virtual desktops to setup clinical environments for the PoC’s and experiments.
  • Being able to securely work with real data, using secure connections to on-premises data sources.
  • Equipped for development processes & source control.
  • Fully supported (managed service).

The Solution: Rubicon AWS Managed Data Platform

Rubicon offers many different managed services to its customers. The AWS Managed Data Platform is a boxed solution that provides a well architected landing zone for data workloads on the AWS platform. The enterprise ready solution includes a clear and customer centric approach, fast implementation and aftercare for 6 months. After this period the customer can choose to continue support from Rubicon’s Cloud Services Platform (CSP).

The solution was not only a fit for the immediate need, but helps the customer get insight in adoption of AWS with its on-premises and other cloud platforms.

The Result: within 2 weeks an up and running managed foundation for data workloads

After a successful architecture workshop, all the requirements including compliance and security details were established. Rubicon deployed the configured landing zone in the customer’s root organization account using (among other tooling) Cloud Formation to perform the task fully automated. The landing zone was extended with an isolated Windows Virtual Desktop environment to offer the different role’s a secure and remote access to perform their tasks.

After the deliverance of the platform, documentation and works instructions a briefing was planned to hand it over to the internal IT staff. From that moment on Rubicon performed second and third line support on the data platform including user management, onboarding new PoC’s and experiments and support in general to the internal IT staff of the customer.

The AWS Cloud and Rubicon’s managed solution increased the customers agility and speed to innovate even quicker and respond the changing environment we live in.